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Solve the issue of uniformity

Carefully create with focus As a materials manufacturer, we consider performance, quality and costs when we make products. But the foundation for all of this is uniformity. For example, if the quality of the right and left ends of a single sheet of rubber sponge differ, that sheet cannot be considered a material. The performance and quality we strive for break down at this point....

Rubber Sponge Characteristic Diagram

Two structures based on application purpose Rubber sponge can be divided into two types, called “open cell sponge” and “closed cell sponge.” Since each cell inside a sponge in either the open cell or closed cell structure functions to serve the application purpose, you need to be aware of the characteristics of both structures. In general, an open cell sponge excels in flexibility, water and...

Sole domestic producer of Open Cell Rubber Sponges

Features washability of a coarse surface texture and low permanent strain Replaced by polyurethane The closed cell sponges our company has manufactured since inception is a post-World War II technology. But we understand that the open cell technology was available earlier, at least as early as before the war. While most of the past applications consisted of use inside sofas, the appearance of polyurethane, most...

Let’s make a super ball !

Make your very own super ball, like no other in the world ! One day in summer 2012, we held a workshop to make super balls for our employees’ children and the children who are close to Miyahara Rubber. The children selected the colors they wanted from among a variety of rubber colors, and kneaded and mixed, and then kneaded the rubber again. They placed...