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Product for industrial parts that demand advanced function with a wide range of durability temperatures

Silicone rubber, used mainly in heat-resistance applications, is a rubber possessing a unique basic structure called siloxane-binding (Si-O) consisting of silicon and oxygen. This rubber is also unparalleled in weather ability, cold resistance, and electrical characteristics, and is used in industrial materials requiring high functionality at durability temperatures ranging from -60 to 200℃.

■ Main applications : Flame-resistant products, automobile parts, medical devices, and parts used in food machinery
■ [ Silicone rubber Performance List ]

※ LOT/delivery descriptions list the order placed for an original plate size. LOTs and delivery dates differ for sliced product. For details, contact Miyahara Rubber.

Silicone #20

Original state

Original plate dimensions (mm)10×500×500
ColorBurnt ocher
Appearance density (g/cm³)0.50±0.05
Tensile strength (kPa)1600

Aging test(200℃×24hrs)

Hardness score (HS)+9
Tensile strength change(%)+12.5
Stretch change (%)-3.2

Compression set test

CS (150℃×22hrs
compression rate25%)

■ LOT:Sheet quantity requested Delivery: Please inquire.

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