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Miyahara Rubber Industry

Maximize impact as an exclusive manufacturer

Miyahara Rubber Industry has grown with experience and changes in technology since it were founded in 1965 as a manufacturer specializing in closed cell rubber sponge sheets made of natural, synthetic and special synthetic rubber. Now, we take pride in the wide use of our highly-rated Miyahara Sponge product as we work to procure state-of-the-art factory equipment. Since 2008, our company has been the sole domestic producer of open cell rubber sponge sheets. At Miyahara Rubber, we intend to fulfill our role as a materials shop to maximize the impact we can have as a specialized rubber sheet manufacturer.

Yoshinobu Miyahara, Representative Director, Miyahara Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.

■ Company name

Company nameMiyahara Rubber Industries, Co., Ltd.
1-1-20 Karumo-doori Nagata-ku, Kobe, Japan 653-0032
TEL +81-78-681-2890 FAX +81-78-681-3312
RepresentativeYoshinobu Miyahara
FoundedSeptember 1965
EstablishedAugust 1974
Capital90 million yen
BanksMitsui-Sumitomo Bank (Nagata branch)
Mizuho Bank (Nagata branch)
Business overviewManufacture and sale of engineering and industrial rubber sponge sheets
ApplicationsVehicles, ships, light electrical appliances, machinery
gaskets, seal materials (anti-dust, waterproofing, moisture-proofing, and soundproofing), cushioning materials, anti-vibration materials

Engineering and Construction
Seam material for engineering and construction, concrete expansion and contraction pads, floor cushioning material, and sponge used to wash pipes

Wrapping and packaging
Cushioning material for the transport of precision instruments, medical machine parts, flat glass and furniture

Sports and leisure/Other
Radio control tires, table tennis rackets, golf mats, shock-absorbent mats Imprinted cushions, etc.

■ History

September 1965Founded Miyahara Rubber Industries in Karumo-doori in Nagata Ward, Kobe, Japan.
January 1972To expand operations, moved the factory to Ota-cho in Suma Ward, Kobe, Japan.
August 1974Established Miyahara Rubber Industries, Co., Ltd. with 10 million yen capital.
January 1983Moved headquarters at the same time as a new factory was completed in Karumo-doori in Nagata Ward, Kobe, Japan.
January 1994Increased capital by 30 million yen
October 1997Increased capital by 90 million yen
May 2003Built a southern wing to the south side of the headquarters building
June 2006Recognized by the Hyogo Economic Development Center as a Company with Growth Potential
July 2007Obtained approval for a management innovation plan from Hyogo Prefecture
September 2007Accepted internships from Hyogo Prefectural University
September 2008Built a new building on the south side of the headquarters building
October 2008Began manufacture of open cell rubber sponge