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Here is how to order rubber sponge

Sample Order – How Best to Use Miyahara Rubber –

Many companies have a lot of trouble with how to order rubber sponge: “I am considering rubber sponge processing for this kind of product, but…” “I don’t know of a rubber sponge material that will function under my specified requirements.” The best rubber material will depend on a variety of purposes and uses for the rubber sponge. If you provide the following information when you consult with us, we will be able to supply the rubber sponge material best suited to your needs.

Masahito Seki, Business Manager, Miyahara Rubber Industries, Co., Ltd.

【1】Specific details of the application (product) + any special requirements

  • I want to process highly vibration-proof and soundproof material for use inside vehicle doors.
  • To manufacture packing for pipes at an essential oil factory, I want an oil proof and heat-resistant material.
  • I need cut-off performance in a seal material for use outdoors.

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