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Let’s make a super ball !

Make your very own super ball, like no other in the world !

One day in summer 2012, we held a workshop to make super balls for our employees’ children and the children who are close to Miyahara Rubber. The children selected the colors they wanted from among a variety of rubber colors, and kneaded and mixed, and then kneaded the rubber again. They placed their rubber into metal forms to be heated like tako-yaki octopus balls and heated to a high temperature. Not only the children, but the adults were excited to see how the super balls would come out. Miyahara Rubber will hold the workshops again with admission open to even more participants.

Children and adults alike love super balls.

The children’s eyes lit up when the super balls were baked and taken out of the forms. They strained so hard to see what they had created that I thought their eyes might pop out of their heads. The looks on the parents’ faces were also reminiscent of children when they shyly handed me the rubber they had kneaded. Everyone involved had a great time. This kind of childlike thrill is what propels “making things,” and is what made me enjoy the workshop even more than the children did.

Yoshinobu Miyahara

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